Picture for IrrelevantThe word ‘Irrelevant’ is an adjective and is used for something that is unrelated to and not applicable to the matter at hand.
It originated around 1780.

Pronunciation: ih-rel-uh-vuhnt

Meanings of Irrelevant

1. Unrelated to the matter being considered.
2. Having no probative value upon any issue in the case.

Master’s Tip to Learn Irrelevant

As is clear from the word itself, it can be broken into ‘Ir + relevant’. This would mean something that is not relevant to what is being discussed.

Sentence examples for Irrelevant :

1. In an effort to sound important, Samuel included many irrelevant comments.
2. His comment is completely irrelevant.
3. Churches were boring and irrelevant to everyday life, he was told.

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