Picture for JauntyJaunty means lively in action or appearance. Jaunty combines ideas such as cheerful, spiffy, upbeat, and natty into one delightfully economical adjective that means all of those things at once!! It is an adjective and comes from French gentil noble.

Pronunciation: jawn-tee

Meanings of Jaunty

1. (Adj) easy and sprightly in manner or bearing
2. (Adj) smartly trim, as clothing

Master’s Tip to Learn Jaunty

A jaunty hat is one that’s stylish and cheerful at the same time, a quality that can be accentuated if the person wears it in a jaunty fashion, perhaps off to the side or over one eye.

If you are stylish, fashionable, wears the smile on face at all the times and makes other people laugh you are jaunty.

Sentence examples for Jaunty:

1. To walk with a jaunty step.
2. A jaunty hat.
3. The novel is altogether jauntier than these quotations imply.
4. Neurotic fear of the loss of power and influence

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