Picture for jurisdictionThere must have been instances in your life when you went to a police station to file a complaint and you were sent to some other police station to do so. Well, when something like this happens it means the former police station had no jurisdiction over the area for which you wanted to file a complaint. It is a noun and its first usage dates back to 1250-1300.

Pronunciation: joor-is-dik-shuhn

Meanings of Jurisdiction

1) The power to implement laws in an area or an organisation
2) Authority/power
3) The extent of authority or power
4) Territory over which authority can be exercised

Master’s tip to learn Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction can be learnt by breaking the word into two parts .i.e. juris and diction and then the two words can be combined to mean jury’s diction .i.e. speech of the jury.

Jurisdiction can be used in the following ways

1) Judiciary has jurisdiction in all the government organisations. (Noun)
2) Judiciary does not have jurisdiction over tribal areas. (Noun)
3) Mall does not fall under the jurisdiction of Lakkar Bazar police station. (Noun)
4) It was the jurisdictional authority of the judiciary that could implement all the laws in the state. (Adjective)
5) Jurisdictionally, this district does not fall under this police station. (Adverb)

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