Picture for LabyrinthA ‘Labyrinth’ is a place with a lot of crisscrossing or complicated passages, tunnels, or paths in which it would be easy to become lost. ‘Labyrinth’ is a noun.

Pronunciation: lab-uh-rinth

Meanings of Labyrinth

1. An intricate structure of interconnecting passages through which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze.
2. A structure consisting of connected cavities or canals, especially the inside of the ear.

Master’s Tip to Learn Labyrinth

From the word ‘Labyrinth’ think of ‘Lab’ and correlate this to the cartoon ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ that almost all of us have watched at some point in our lives. Now, Dexter had such a huge laboratory that it was easy to get lost in it, it was almost like a maze. This can be used to relate to the word ‘Labyrinth’ and therefore remember its meaning.

Sentence examples for Labyrinth:

1. They tried to figure out a labyrinth of tax regulations.
2. The cockpit was a labyrinth of instruments and controls.

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