Picture for LargessThe word largess is a noun and is used for the generous giving of gifts and favors in response to someone’s generosity.
The first known usage of the Largess can be traced back to 1175-1225 and has been derived from the Middle English word largesse.

Pronunciation: lahr-jes

Meanings of Largess

1. The generous giving of gifts, money, or favors.
2. Liberality in bestowing gifts.

Master’s Tip to Learn Largess

Largess can be related to word ‘large’. Someone who has a large heart is very generous and gives gifts and favors to other people.

Sentence examples for Largess:

1. The bank manager was admired for his largess towards the merchant whose business was having financial difficulties.
2. It has been observed that recipients of some largess become more generous in turn and so on down the chain.
3. The overall impact of central largess is felt far beyond official payrolls.

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