Picture for LaudableSometimes we are not praised even when we have done something to achieve that praise. Sometimes we are worth the praise and someone else gets it. These are the situations when we should have been lauded and we were not.

Its first known usage dates back to 1375-1425 and has originated from a Latin word laudabilis and also from the combination of two words laud and able. Laud means to praise and able is a suffix, which means capable of.

Pronunciation: law-duh-buhl

Meaning of Laudable

1. Someone or something deserving praise or appreciation

Master’s tip to learn Laudable

Laudable can be learnt by associating it with the word applaud as laud of laudable and laud of applaud sound similar. Also, we only applaud for someone when we think that the person deserves praise.

Sentence Examples for Laudable

1) She did a laudable job with that article. (Adjective)
2) Laudableness of the situation was so overwhelming that no one could restrain themselves from shelling out few words of praise.          (Noun)
3) She did laudably well with her job. (Adverb)
4) She was lauded for her efforts. (Verb)

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