Picture for lividLivid refers to a state when someone is furiously angry. It is also referred to a state of discolored or bluish appearance that may have been cause due to strangulation or congestion of blood vessels. It is an adjective.
It originated in 1618 and has been derived from the Latin word līvidus.

Pronunciation: liv-id

Meanings of Livid

1. Deathly pale
2. Feeling or appearing strangulated because of some strong emotion.
3. Enraged; furiously angry.

Master’s Tip to Learn Livid

The word Livid becomes pretty easy to learn if it is related to vivid. Vivid means lively, so livid must mean something that has been drained of life and appears deathly.

Sentence examples for Livid:

1. As the argument progressed, his face became livid and his voice harsh.
2. His arm was livid (bruised, black-and-blue) where he fell against the tree.
3. His superior was livid when yet another deadline was missed.

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