picture for magnanimousMagnanimous are people who have a big heart, and they are generous enough to forgive everyone. Particularly a great soul and generosity is expressed against the enemy whom we have conquered, but not sentencing him to death. These people live a happy life as comparison to others, as they don’t hold any grudges for others in their hearts, whereas on the other hand people who hold grudges and are seeking opportunity to take revenge, have burdensome on their mind, and kind go through the state of anxiety.

Generous people are missing from this cruel world of conquering others and living, big eat the small that is how life works, the survival of the fittest.

Pronunciation: mag-nanuh-muhs

Meanings of Magnanimous:

1. Generous in forgiving an insult or injury.
2. Very kind and generous towards an enemy or someone you have defeated.
3. Proceeding from or revealing generosity or nobility of mind.
4. Having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character.

Master Tip to learn Magnanimous:
Think of an instance when someone has committed a mistake, and you forgive him/her. The kind of relief and mental solace you have felt after that is much satisfactory, rather than seeking revenge that intensifies the rivalry. So have a big heart to forgive and forget and make your life a happy one. Be magnanimous and enjoy its fruits.

Sentence examples for Magnanimous:
1. The crowd at the party includes a woman who can go from being amazingly petty to astonishingly magnanimous.
2. For our democratically elected representatives to give former colonies of the Empire their independence was noble and magnanimous.
3. There certainly are quite a few magnanimous souls here today.
4. However, I am feeling particularly magnanimous this morning, so I shall not harangue the minister; he is a jolly fine chap.

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