Picture for MaimThe word maim is a verb and refers to the act of inflicting a severe and permanent injury on a person or animal that renders a limb or some other body part useless.
It first originated in 1281 from the Middle English word mayme.

Pronunciation: meym

Meanings of Maim

1. To cripple; disable
2. To make imperfect or defective
3. To deprive of the use of some part of the body by wounding or the like

Master’s Tip to Learn Maim

Maim sound like ‘Mayhem’ which refers to violence. Somebody is usually injured and cripped during a violent incident, therefore it becomes easy to relae to and crecall the word ‘Maim’.

Sentence examples for Maim:

1. One young man was killed and two others were mauled and maimed by a lion at the San Francisco zoo.
2. The bomb killed 53 people and maimed several others.
3. The games reportedly maim and wound thousands of horses each year.

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