Picture for MaladjustedPronunciation: mal-uh-juhs-tid

Meaning of Maladjusted

Badly or unsatisfactorily adjusted, especially in relationship to one’s social circumstances or environment.

Master’s tip to learn Maladjusted:

Maladjusted = Mal + adjusted. Mal is a combination of words such as “bad”, “wrongful” or ill. So, maladjusted means bad adjustment in accordance to any situation.

Sentence Examples for Maladjusted:

1.The maladjusted children kept whining all the time.
2. He has a very maladjusted family; the only time they converse is when everyone is under the influence of alcohol.
3. His maladjusted psyche was not up to the strain of the new crisis, and he snapped.
4. School bullies are basically maladjusted and aggressive by nature.

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