Picture for MeticulousWord-Origin: Latin word meticulosus- fearful, timid i.e. full of fear (Latin: metus-fear, timid; suffix: ulous, ous- tending to do, inclined to, full of)

Pronunciation: muh-tik-yuh-luhs

Meanings of Meticulous:

1. Marked by precise accordance with details
2. Sharply exact or accurate or delimited
3. Marked by extreme care in treatment of details
4. Hard to please
5. Excessively concerned with cleanliness

Master’s Tip to Learn Meticulous:

Meticulous can be learnt by learning its root i.e. ‘metus’-fear and ‘ulous’-full of; meaning one who is full of fear to fail that he/she doesn’t leave any stone unturned. He/she becomes so detail oriented and exact that it becomes difficult to find mistakes in their work.
One can also relate meticulous to one’s favorite sportsperson, for example Sachin Tendulkar is a meticulous player as he knows all the technical aspects of cricket.
Else relate it to Metallica, a heavy metal band known for fast tempos, instrumentals and aggressive musicianship.

Sentence examples for Meticulous:

1. The Governor lauded the participants and the police for their meticulous planning and preparation for the Independence Day celebrations.
2. Among all the students, Gopal is the most meticulous in maintaining his notes neat and clean.
3. Venkataraman Ramkrishna was awarded 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for doing meticulous work in the field of ribosome
4. Philip is a meticulous player as he knows all the tricks of the trade.

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