Picture for MienThe word Mien is a noun and it is the manner, conduct or bearing of a person. It originated around 1522 and was derived after being shortened and modified from the word ‘demean’.

Pronunciation: meen

Meanings of Mien

1. Conduct or Bearing
2. Aspect or Appearance

Master’s Tip to Learn Mien

Mien can be thought of as the shortened version of the word ‘demeanor’. The word demeanor means the appearance of something and thus can be used to remember the meaning of Mien.

Sentence examples for Mien:

1. The General is known for his calm mien, which resembles that of an ancient warrior.
2. The stern mien of the librarian suggested that she was not one to put up with any nonsense.
3. Ingrid’s mien was very elegant despite her rather rough beginnings.

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