Picture for MonolithicMonolithic gives an impression of an object being ancient, something huge, massive, no? And, when you will read about it, you will be more sure that monolithic is something huge. It is an adjective.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to 1815-25. It has originated from two words .i.e. monolith and ic. Monolith means a statue or a column that has been made from a single black stone. Ic means a suffix that forms adjectives.

Pronunciation: mon-uh-lith-ik

Meanings of Monolithic:

1) Something that resembles a monolith .i.e. something big/huge
2) Spread as a single huge piece
3) Something made without the help of other pieces .i.e. made as a single piece
4) Something characterised by uniformity and rigidity.

Master’s tip to learn Monolithic:

Monolithic, sounds like something ancient and huge. So, you can draw a picture of something huge and ancient in front of your eyes when you read the word monolithic.
Monolithic can also be learnt with the help of the word Neolithic, as these two words rhyme. Monolithic means something huge and Neolithic means belonging to an earlier age, which now has been outdated. So, monolithic can be something huge that had relevance only in earlier age.

Sentence examples for Monolithic:

1) Its a monolithic problem. (Adjective)
2) It is a monolithic wall. (Adjective)
3) We belong to a monolithic Hindu society. (Adjective)
4) This gadget has been monolithically integrated. (Adverb)

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