Picture for MortalityWe are all mortal souls of this planet, and if there is one thing that can be said surely, it is that all the people who are able to read this are mortal beings for sure. Mortal souls would always have one question at the back of their mind: when will their mortality come to an end?

Pronunciation- mawr-tal-i-tee

Meanings of Mortality:

1. The state or condition of being subject to death
2. The relative frequency of deaths in a specific population
3. Death or destruction on a large scale, as from war, plague, or famine.

Master’s Tip to learn Mortality:

The one quest of mankind that cannot bear any fruit (or has not till now): to discover the magic potion for immortality.

Usage Examples for Mortality-

1. The mortality rate of the country has reduced due to advancement in the field of health sciences.
2. Becoming aware of one’s mortality is an important step towards enlightenment.
3. We being mortals should not be scared of our own mortality.

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