Picture for NeutralizeWhen you neutralize something, you make it harmless or ineffective — usually by applying its opposite force. Neutralized also means that power has been taken away from outside. It is a verb.

Pronunciation: noo-truh-lahyz

Meanings of Neutralize:

1. To make neutral; cause to undergo neutralization
2. To make ineffective; destroy or counteract the effectiveness, force, disposition, etc. of
3. (Chem) to destroy the distinctive or active properties of

Master’s Tip to Learn Neutralize

What you do if you see a fire and want to stop it? You are thinking very rightly; you will pour some water on it. So what you are doing in that situation, you are neutralizing the impact of fire by using the opposite force (water).

Sentence Examples for Neutralize:

1. Her optimism neutralizes his gloom
2. An alkali neutralizes an acid.
3. Japanese air bases not neutralized by our fast carrier strikes are in range of us here.
4. The treaty neutralized the small republic.

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