picture for NullifyThe word nullify is a verb. It means to make something ineffective or to invalidate it by using some counterbalancing force.
Nullify was first used around 1595 and was derived from the Latin word nullificare.

Pronunciation: nuhl-uh-fahy

Meanings of Nullify

1. To counteract the force or effectiveness of or to have the effect of canceling something out.
2. To revoke something or to make it invalid.
3. To make of no value or consequence.

Master’s Tip to Learn Nullify

The easiest way to learn nullify is through the word ’null’ which sounds like the word ‘nil’ and has the exact same meaning, that is zero or nothing. So the word nullify would mean to reduce something to nothing or invalidate it.

Sentence examples for Nullify:

1. The 2G Spectrum auction has been nullified by the Indian Supreme Court.
2. Politicians can make all the ridiculous laws they want, but our peers should be free to nullify them in the courts.
3. The basicity of the this herb is used to nullify the acidity of the kiwi fruit.

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