picture for oblivious

There are times when whatever we do, we miss out on a few things. There are times when we just cannot remember the birthdays of our loved ones: thy just seem to miss our attention. There are times when we are lost in a tune of our own only, OBLIVIOUS to the world.

In simple words, oblivious means being unmindful of danger or lacking awareness.


The dictionary definitions for Oblivious are as follows:
1. Lacking all memory; forgetful. (adjective)
2. Lacking conscious awareness; unmindful. (adjective)

Masters Tip to remember Oblivious:
It’s pretty much OBVIOUS one will turn OBLIVIOUS when one has too much on one’s mind.

Usage Examples for Oblivious:
1. Being oblivious to someone’s sorrow is very cruel.
2. Children are oblivious to the strife that surrounds us in the world.

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