Oodles is an interesting word, one which I like. It gives a nice sound, doesn’t it? It also rhymes with noodles (sorry for the stating the obvious).

How does one fill one’s stomach?
By having oodles of noodles.
This should make it easy to learn the word.

Oodles carries the following dictionary definitions: a large quantity.

Masters tips for Oodles:
The origin of oodles is uncertain but there are quite a few terms that similar in meaning to it and surprisingly sound the same as well (maybe they come from the same source)
1. Boodle: It has the following meanings:

  • the lot, pack, or crowd: Send the whole boodle back to the factory.
  • a large quantity of something, especially money: He’s worth a boodle.
  • a bribe or other illicit payment, especially to or from a politician; graft.

2. Caboodle: Any collection in its entirety.
3. Kit and caboodle: Everything available; usually preceded by ‘the’.

Pretty similar, aren’t they?

Usage examples for Oodles:
1. Everyone wishes they had oodles and oodles of money.
2. Whenever he gets tense, he drinks oodles of alcohol.

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