Picture for PaltryThe word Paltry is an adjective. It refers to something that is inferior or is very small; worthless. Its superlatives are paltrier and paltriest.
The word was first used back in 1570 and has been derived from the German word paltrig.

Pronunciation: pawl-tree

Meanings of Paltry

1. Trivial, meager, measly, inferior
2. Wretched or contemptible.
3. Ridiculously or insultingly small.

Master’s Tip to Learn Paltry

To relate to the word ‘Paltry’ remember how all of us used to beg our parents even for paltry sums of money when we were small which certainly is not the case for most of us now.

Sentence examples for Paltry:

1. The miser gave a paltry donation to the fund for hungry children.
2. The quality of the paltry language used by Ernest made it difficult for his listeners to understand what he was trying to say.
3. They had started this venture with very high hopes but so far the profits have been paltry to say the least.

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