picture vocabulary for paradoxWell, I, you and us are living paradoxes when it comes to some social norms .i.e. we criticise certain social conventions from our heart, but when it comes to obliging these conventions we do not wait even for a second. Hence, we contradict our own ideas and views, which means at some point or the other, we all contribute to a certain paradox.

Pronunciation: paruh-doks

The dictionary definitions for paradox are as follows:
1) A statement that is self-contradictory, but in reality has a possibility to be true
2)  A self-contradictory suggestion
3) A statement that conflicts the generally accepted conventions.
4) Any person or a thing that displays a conflicting nature.

Master tip to learn paradox:
Now, as you know the meaning of paradox, it will be very easy for you to relate the word paradox to the word parachute. Obviously, it is due to the similarity in first few letters. However, if you look at it from another angle, if a parachute doesn’t open when needed, it will be a paradox in itself, as opening in mid air is its sole function.

Paradox can be used in following ways:
1) We all are a living paradox when it comes to eradicating corruption from its roots. (Noun)
2) It is a paradoxical situation. (Adjective)
3) The paradoxical nature of this situation is beyond my comprehension.(Noun)
4) A famous paradox that still has not been answered is the thing that came first, egg or the hen. (Noun)
5) Modern paradox is that some people believe in no bribe principle when its other, but when it comes to their own work, they do not hesitate at all. (Noun)

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