picture vocabulary for perceiveTo actually understand the truth of any situation requires a lot of wisdom and wisdom comes from only experience. And, more you perceive things from your eyes, more wisdom you ill have to perceive the truth of any situation. It is a verb.

Pronunciation: per-seev

The dictionary definitions for perceive are as follows:
1) To become conscious of something .e.g. awaking to the reality of the situation
2) To recognize something with the help of senses
3) To understand something / to determine the meaning of something

Master tip to learn perceive:
Perceive can be easily learnt by associating it with the word sieve, the one that we use in the kitchen.  Yes, for the reason that it sounds similar. However, you can also learn it with the help of a sentence, ‘one tea per sieve’. Per sieve is equal to perceive, only in the similarity of the sound.

Perceive can be used in following ways:
1) With her experience she was able to perceive the truth f the situation in mater of seconds. (Verb)
2) Perceivedness (perceiving nature of her mind) of her mind won her many battles. (Noun)
3) She is a good perceiver. (Noun)
4) Her non-perceiving nature makes her weak in handling many situations. (Adjective)

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