Picture for PertinentPertinent is used when you try to explain something by giving some reference, because it is better elucidated with such reference or example. An imaginary picture is being created by giving some reference of the topic or concept being explained in the mind of the person to whom it is being explained.
Teachers or facilitators always use this kind of pedagogy in educational institutions and explain their students by giving references, of the things happened in the past. One should always explain complex topics by giving references, this gives a pragmatic aspect to students that how things should be seen at or can be related with, so that the receiver gets it register in its brain, and is always be able to strike their mind when they come across such a situation.

Pronunciation: pur-tn-uhnt

Meanings of Pertinent:

1. Having logical precise relevance to the matter at hand.
2. The relation of something to the matter at hand
3. Relevance by virtue of being applicable

Master’s Tip to Learn Pertinent:

Think how many times you had come across situations whenever you learn something by getting to know the example that has happened in the past or a hypothetical situation that has left a mark in your mind and has given you a clear perspective or picture.

Sentence Example for Pertinent:

1. The remainder of the day saw the attendees work within small groups discussing issues pertinent to their own practice.
2. Pertinent question is whether a lay person would be confused by similar looking or sounding names.
3. This is particularly pertinent to north east London, with some of the most deprived boroughs in the country.
4. It does, however, seem very pertinent for today’s students.

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