picture for PerverseAll of us go through a phase where we are determined to go against everything that is labelled right. The reason could be anything and also that rebelling at one age without cause is always considered cool. Its first known usage dates back to 14th century and its an adjective.

Pronunciation: per-vurs

Meanings of Perverse:

1) Someone averse to something right
2) Someone stubborn enough to always oppose the right
3) Someone characterised by an irritable nature
4) shocking/indecent and offensive

Master’s tip to learn Perverse:

Perverse can easily be learnt by associating it with the word averse, as these two sound similar to some extent. Also, as perverse means always supporting the wrong, then it means that the person is averse to right .i.e. unwilling to support the right.

Sentence example for Perverse:

1) They were jailed for their perverse conduct. (Adjective)
2) He perversely supported his friend torturing an animal. (Adverb)
3) Perverseness/perversity of his mind shows through his conduct. (Noun)
4) He is always in a perverse mood. (Adjective)
5) He is perverse enough to stand by his friend even he/she was a dacoit. (Adjective)

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