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Ever seen a parchment that has been turned into stone in order to preserve it or have you ever turned into a stone on seeing a ghost? Well, the stony feeling is not good and just means that you have been petrified of something scary. It is a verb.

Its last usage dates back to 1585-95 and has originated from the union of two words petri and fy. Petri is a variant of petro, which is a combining form, meaning rock and is used when forming compound words and fy is a verbal suffix.

Pronunciation: pe-truh-fahy

The dictionary definitions of petrified are as follows:
1) To transform into stone or stone like substance
2) To be astonished/ astonish someone or to numb someone with fear
3) To harden a person with sadness

Master tip to learn petrified:
Well, petrified is the easiest to learn when you remember your biggest fear in this world. It could be a spider or a shadow in the dark or even a moment when you were at your lowest.
To learn it more easily, the stone like state was represented by Hermoine Grenger and others in Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets were turned into stone like state after various attacked in Hogwarts.

Petrified can be used in following ways:
1) A 100 years old parchment was petrified to preserve it from the ravages of time. (Verb)
2) She was petrified on seeing a ghost like figure in the room. (Verb)
3) Death of his mother petrified his mind, so much so that he was not able to react for many days. (verb)
4) A petrifiable object is which can be transformed into a stone to be preserved. (Adjective)
5) In this case a ghost was the petrifier and swati the petrified. (Noun)

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