Ever seen a tree dancing from left to right and right to left in fierce winds? If yes, then you would know that fierce winds in the end take the trees down, but do not give up. This ‘Not giving up’ due to anyone’s influence is just the opposite of the word pliant.

Pronunciation: plahyuhnt

The dictionary definition for pliant are as follows:
1) Able to bend easily. (adjective)
2) Can change oneself or mould oneself according to situations or conditions. (adjective)
3) Can change one’s decisions or yielding to some one’s influence. (adjective)
Master tip to learn pliant:

Pliant can easily be learnt with the help of the word compliant. The only difference between the two is ‘com’, so the sound is very similar. Pliant and compliant also means the same .i.e. flexible, moulding oneself to situations and yielding.

Pliant can be used in following ways:
1) She is a pliant woman. (Used as an Adjective)
2) Her pliantness/pliancy makes her a winner at professional front. (Used as a Noun)
3) Be like fierce winds, not pliant to anyone’s influence. (Used as an Adjective)
4) She pliantly flew her way through rigorous schedules of work. (Used as an Adverb)

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