picture for plungeThe word plunge is all about a taking a dive, a dive either into the pool or into the pursuits of one’s passions. If you have a look at the dictionary definitions below, you will realize that all the definitions of plunge revolve around diving deep into some depth, either physical or statistical or metaphorical.

The picture above depicts plunge in action, when someone is diving deep.

The dictionary definitions for plunge are as follows:
1. To thrust or throw forcefully into a substance or place.  (Craig Claiborne).
2. To cast suddenly, violently, or deeply into a given state or situation.
3. To throw oneself earnestly or wholeheartedly into an activity or situation: plunged into my studies.
4. To descend steeply; fall precipitously: a cliff that plunges to the sea.
5. To move forward and downward violently: The rider plunged from the bucking horse.
6. To become suddenly lower; decrease dramatically: Stock prices plunged during the banking crisis.


Plunge in Context:
Plunge is often used in context with stock markets. Whenever they crash, we say they have plunged. It is used in a similar context below.

The following is an extract from The New York Times used for educational purposes:  ‘In about a month, if nothing is done, the federal government will hit its legal debt limit. There will be dire consequences if this limit isn’t raised. At best, we’ll suffer an economic slowdown; at worst we’ll plunge back into the depths of the 2008-9 financial crisis.’

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