Picture for PonderPonder is to consider something carefully in the mind. It’s like putting up a weighing machine in one’s mind, where instead of weighing physical quantities, we weight different thoughts and their pros and cons. In fact the meaning of ponder is deeply related to its origin: ponder comes from the latin ‘ponderare’, meaning ‘to weigh’.

Pronunciation- pon-der

Meanings of Ponder:

1. To weigh carefully in the mind
2. Consider thoughtfully
3. To wonder, to think of deeply.

Master’s Tip for Learning Ponder:

If one were to case an eye back into the development of human beings as a race, one realizes that man at sometime of his life ‘ponder’-ed deeply about the ‘wonders’ of the world, didn’t he? In a while, while a man ponders, he wanders in the maze of wonders that surround him. You would have to re-read the last sentence to understand its tricky construction.

Usage Examples for Ponder:

1. It is true, each one of us has pondered over the meaning of our existence at some point in their life.
2. His father’s recent intervention gave him something to ponder upon for his future.
3. We should ponder upon our past mistakes and plan for our future.

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