Picture for precociousYou see when you call someone a child prodig, he or she might be a precocious child. And, when you say that a woman is mature beyond her age, then too precociousness might be the case.

Pronunciation: pri-koh-shuhs

Meanings of Precocious

1) Advanced development especially in the matters of the mind
2) Untimely/advanced development of mind and other abilities

Master’s tip to learn Precocious:

Precocious ca b easily learnt by associating it with the word precious, as these words not only sound alike to some extent, but also have similar spellings, just a bit of difference here and there. Also, precociousness that makes you a prodigy is always precious.

Sentence Examples for Precocious:

1) He is precocious man. (Adjective)
2) She is gifted with a precocious mind. (Adjective)
3) She is precociously mature for her age. (Adverb)
4) Her musical talent was precociously developed due to her hard work. (Adverb)
5) Her mental precociousness makes her stand apart from others. (Noun)

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