Picture for PreludePrelude is an introduction to something else in short before that actual event or action. It may be used in reference to music, poem, story, drama, movie or any such action or big event to give the people an idea what it is about. Prelude is sometimes necessary to give the viewers, audience or readers a glance of the whole thing in just a few sentences or a small action. The word prelude was introduced in 1530s from Medieval Latin word preludium which means “preliminary” or from Latin praeludere which is an amalgam of two words – prae means “before” and ludere means “to play”.

Pronunciation: prel-yood

Meanings of Prelude:

1. Any action, event, movement or activity of higher importance that comes before something else
2. A short introduction, opening or preliminary to another event

Master’s Tip to Learn Prelude:

Before starting to read a book, a person mostly reads the first few pages for a short description of the story or introduction to the content of the book. It’s not the whole content but may be a just a short paragraph that tells you about the book. This introduction, which comes before the actual content, may be called a prelude.

Sentence examples for Prelude:

1. The prelude at the beginning made me understand the entire poem without even reading it.
2. It was not just another protest march but a prelude to a bigger revolution.

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