picture for pretextThere are so many times we avoid people with the help of an alleged reason of some work or the other and sometimes we avoid the work itself. This alleged reason is called the pretext. Pretext are essentially lies we concoct in order to hide something. How often do you come up with these? I am sure pretty often. At times you simply have to!

Pronunciation: pree-tekst

Meanings of Pretext

1) A false reason or motive taken up or put forward in order to do something that needs to be hidden.

Master’s Tip to learn Pretext:

Pretext can be easily learnt by splitting the word into two .i.e. pre and text, which can simply mean to text before the time arrives. What do you text? Well, pre-text, that is before the actual event, you have text an excuse.
Pretext can also be learnt with the help of the word pretence, which also means the same in terms of false motive.

Sentence Examples for Pretext:

1) Multitude of people damaged the public property on the pretext of a protest.
2) The meeting was truncated on the pretext of a death in the family of one of the employees.
3) He used embrace as a pretext to harass his colleague.

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