The word probity when used for you can easily define your character.  Probity was easily found when the times were honest. However, today looking for probity is like looking for a grain of wheat in sacks full of haystack. Why so? You will know when you know more about the word.

This word seems to have contributed a lot in the English and French’s love hate relationship, as English rented this word from the French. French in turn had inherited Probity from the Latin word Probitas, meaning honesty and morality. Probity’s first usage dates back to 15th Century.

Taken from

Pronunciation: proh-bi-tee, prob-i-

The Dictionary Definitions for the word Probity are as follows:
1. Complete and confirmed integrity. (noun)
2. A person having strong moral principles. (noun)
3. Uprightness of character. (noun)

Master Tips to learn Probity
As the word probity has been taken from a Latin word Probitas, meaning honesty, the two words can easily be correlated with the help of almost same sound that is generated. Also, spelling are also the same except for ‘y’ in probity that is replaced by ‘a s’ in probitas.
Probitas being a word from different language has a unique identification due to the sound, which will help in greater and easier retention.

Probity can be used in following ways
1. Probity is very hard to find these days.
2. One should strive to be an example of probity for their children, only then one can expect a change at the most fundamental level.
3. Probity is one virtue that can only be inherited and not learnt from books.

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