Picture for PropagateThe word propagate is a verb and it means to transmit or spread. It also means to multiply or reproduce through any natural process.
The word ‘propagate’ first originated back in 1560 and has been derived from the Latin word propagare.

Pronunciation: prop-uh-geyt

Meanings of Propagate

1. To cause to extend to a broader area or larger number; spread
2. To cause (an organism) to multiply.
3. To make widely known; publicize

Master’s Tip to Learn Propagate

‘Propagate’ contains the word ‘gate’. Now learn propagate by thinking that if you open the gates to something, it will spread and hence the meaning of propagate.

Sentence examples for Propagate:

1. Scientists are discovering new ways to propagate plants without seeds.
2. Grafting can be used to propagate apple trees.
3. Shock waves normally propagate at the speed of sound in the affected medium.

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