Picture for PunyIt’s most often used to describe someone’s inferior physique, but can also apply to anything little that’s not about to get in your way.If your muscles are looking weak ,small and totally inferior then you could be called puny.A puny mountain would be no challenge to an Olympic skier, just as a puny plate of hot dogs would be laughable to a world speed-eating champion.


Meanings of Puny

1. Of inferior size or strength
2. Unimportant or of lesser significance

Master’s Tip to Learn Puny

Remember this word from the similar word –pony.Pony refers to a small horse,similarly puny refers to something or someone of small size.You can also use the sentence, “the pony is so puny” for the clear

Sentence examples for Puny:

1. The human race is so puny compared to the universe that being disabled is not of much cosmic significance.
2. When the first hydraulic excavators appeared they were relatively puny affairs with small buckets and a short reach.
3. Nobody expected the enormous boxing champion to be defeated by such a small and puny fellow.

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