Picture for quellSometimes it is so difficult to vanquish those fears of failing and when we are not able to vanquish those fears, these are called non-quell-able fears. Quell is a verb.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to before 900. It has originated from a Middle English word quellen, which means to kill and from Old English cwellan, which also means to kill.

Pronunciation: kwel

Meanings of Quell:

1) To repress/curb or to put an end/finish something
2) To crush/suppress
3) To calm

Master’s tip to learn Quell:

Quell can be easily learnt by associating it with the words like hell and yell, as these words rhyme. To make it easier, we can easily quell the hell and the yell. It can also be associated with the word well, due to the similarity in sound, but we cannot quell the storm in the well that easily.

Sentence examples for Quell:

1) The fire in the theatre as quelled. (Verb)
2) Protests in the street were quelled with the help of the military. (Verb)
3) My mother quelled my fears of failing. (Verb)
4) Her fears were not quelled. (Adjective)

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