Picture for raconteurThe word ‘Raconteur’ is a noun and refers to a person who tells stories, anecdotes and other accounts with skill and wit.
Its origin can be traced back to 1828 from the French word raconter.

Pronunciation: rak-uhn-tur

Meanings of Raconteur

1. A person skilled in telling anecdotes.
2. A skilled storyteller.

Master’s Tip to Learn Raconteur

Part of the word ‘Raconteur’ sounds like reckon. Reckon means to think, therefore raconteur can be thought of as a person who thinks and tells stories.

Sentence examples for Raconteur:

1. His friends knew him as a highly entertaining mimic and raconteur.
2. He was an educator by trade, and long experienced, a wonderful guy and the raconteur of stories.

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