Picture for RailThe word ‘Rail’ is a noun and has more than one meaning in mainstream use today. It can be a bar or bars of rolled steel making a track, or tracks, along which vehicles; such as, trains, can roll or travel on. It is also used for a barrier consisting of a horizontal wooden or metal bar and supports, which people can use to hold on to in order to keep from falling.

Pronunciation: reyl

Meanings of Rail

1. A bar extending horizontally between supports, as in a fence.
2. A steel bar used, usually in pairs, as a track for railroad cars or other wheeled vehicles.
3. The railroad as a means of transportation

Master’s Tip to Learn Rail

The best way to remember the meaning is to think of ‘Railways’ as most of the uses of a rail can be related to it.

Sentence examples for Rail:

1. Our products were transported by rail to the various stores.
2. The workers found a cracked rail on the intercity train track today.
3. They have to travel back and forth from their town to the city by rail every working day.

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