Picture for rationalizeThe word rationalize is a verb and it refers to the act of removing unreasonable or irrational elements from something and make it conforming to reason.
The word ‘rationalize’ was first used in 1803.

Pronunciation: rash-uh-nl-ahyz

Meanings of Rationalize

1. To interpret from a rational standpoint.
2. To devise self-satisfying but incorrect reasons.
3. To remove unreasonable elements from.

Master’s Tip to Learn Rationalize

Rationalize sounds like ‘ration + analyze’. When someone analyzes their ration needs they remove unreasonable items from it to cut down on their costs which can be related pretty easily to the word ‘rationalize’ to remember its meaning.

Sentence examples for Rationalize:

1. She tried to rationalize her grandson’s strange behavior by blaming it on the boy’s father.
2. Management is thinking of ways to rationalize our system of production.
3. He couldn’t rationalize buying such an expensive car.

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