mnemonic tip for realmWe have always made fancy posters to describe our rooms, telling everyone that it is our sacred place. However, almost always we have missed that perfect word to describe the intensity of our likeness towards our rooms. Finally, may be we can use the word realm. It is a Noun.

Pronunciation: relm

The dictionary definitions for realm are as follows:
1) Royal domain/province
2) It is a region, sphere or province where something exists abundantly.
3) A special domain .i.e. a special area of a thing or of a person.

Master tip to learn realm:
Realm is an easy word to learn. Best example of realm can be the kingdom of the queen in Chronicles of Narnia, as you all must have seen the movies.
To make it easier, realm can be associated with the words ‘I am (m) real’, as my realm is always real.

Realm can be used in the following ways:
1) Jaipur has been a realm of royalty since time immemorial. (Noun)
2) Physics was Albert Einstein’s realm.
3) Jakhoo is a realm of monkeys.
4) Realm of literature was once ruled by William Shakespeare.

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