picture for recalcitrant
Camels and donkeys have one thing in common: they can be pretty obstinate and resistant to authority or control. They just do not seem to listen when they do not want to. In fact, children can be very recalcitrant at times if they to do things of their own will.

Dictionary Definition for Recalcitrant:
1. Marked by stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority or guidance.

Usage example for Recalcitrant:
1. Recalcitrant prisoners need to be taught a lesson and explained how to behave.
2. The government quashed the demands of the recalcitrant activists with brutality.
3. A lengthy battle between pro-lifers in England and a recalcitrant Department of Health has finally resulted in the government explaining what babies were aborted for what reasons under a section of the 1967 Abortion Act which allows for abortion up until birth if there is a substantial risk of “serious” physical or mental abnormality.

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