Picture for recoilRecoil is to move backward because of fear. Many a times we face some situations that lead to our backward action, because we are not strong enough to face it. It is possible that a person who creates such a situation is in superior position to us, and has the power to influence us in one way or the other. Mostly this kind of situations are spontaneous, and occur during conflicts, in which the weaker person weather mentally or physically is forced to move back, because the stronger one overwhelms the other. It is also related to disapproval of idea, because of strong disgust.

Pronunciation: ree-koil

Meanings of Recoil:

1. To move back because of fear or disgust
2. To refuse to accept an idea or principle
3. To shrink back, as in fear or repugnance
4. To jerk back, as from an impact or violent thrust
5. To go wrong, esp. so as to hurt the perpetrator

Master’s Tip to Learn Recoil:

You had many ideas in the past, and most of them were just ideas, you never thought of execution, and the few, which you had thought of execution, you might have presented to someone, and that might had faced sharp disapproval.

Sentences examples for Recoil:

1. Recoil at the thought of how misguided i then was
2. Recoil at the prospect that Plato is such a skeptic.
3. Recoils back on itself eventually demonstrating the eternal repetition of certain moments.
4. Recoil effect on the shooter is about 85 percent mental.

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