picture vocabulary for respiteRelaxation or Procrastination?
Respite may be mistaken for delaying work, but it’s not actually the case. Respite is a short break from the work in order to relax mind, body and soul.

Pronunciation: Ri-spit, British English- res-pit

The Dictionary Definitions of Respite are as follows:
1. A usually short interval of rest or relief.
2. Suspension of a death sentence; a reprieve
3. A temporary delay (noun)
4. An interruption in the intensity or amount of something
5. Postpone the punishment of a convicted criminal, such as an execution (verb)

Master Trip to Learn Respite
Respite can be easily remembered by connecting the word with a break, recess or an interval.

Usage Examples:

1. We allowed ourselves a few moments of respite in the shade during our strenuous hike.
2. The governor ordered a respite for the scheduled execution, due to the throngs of protestors in front of the capitol.
3. We worked in the garden all day, with only five minutes of respite for a drink of water.
4. The end of the difficult project was in sight, and I looked forward to some respite from the work.

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