picture for reticentSome people are so loud not only in speech, but also actions and then there are the others, the ones who do not speak even when asked to. The latter ones are the reticent ones. This adjective is used from people who like to keep to themselves and all within themselves. Its first usage dates back to 1834 and has originated from Latin reticent-, reticens, both are present participle of reticere, which means to keep silent.

Pronunciation: ret-uh-suhnt

Meanings of Reticent

1) Someone keeping all his thoughts and feelings to himself
2) Reserved in manners and in speech
3) Hesitant

Master’s Tip to learn Reticent:

Reticent can be learnt easily by associating the word with a situation where you need to dress up not loudly (Reticent dresser) and at the same time you need to be reserved in your speech.

Sentence Examples for Reticent:

1) He is reticent when he is amongst strangers. (Adjective)
2) His reticence intimidates his juniors. (Noun)
3) He reticently became part of the throng. (Adverb)

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