Picture for RompThe word romp can be used as both a verb and a noun. As a verb, it refers to the act of playing in lively and boisterous manner or to running and moving rapidly, without any effort. As a noun, it refers to some gay or light-hearted recreational activity for the purpose of diversion or amusement.

Pronunciation: romp

Meanings of Romp

1. to play or frolic boisterously
2. to run or advance in rapid manner, as in a race
3. lighthearted activity for recreational purpose
4. a girl who behaves in a boyish manner.

Sentence examples for Romp:

1. Nearly everybody was abroad, chatting, singing, romping, or massed in lazy comfortable attitudes in the doorways.
2. It was a beautiful sight to watch the toddlers romp in the playroom.
3. Rita’s continuous engagement in fights with the boys earned her the title of a romp.

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