Picture for RueWe often come across situations in life where we take certain stand /decision, but result is not as per our expectation (e.g. You buy share of company with speculation that it will give great return, but you end up in making heavy loss in that investment).Now you wish you should not have bought that share .This feeling of regret is nothing but rue.

Pronunciation: roo

Meanings of Rue

1. Feel sorrow over, Repent of
2. Wish that (something) had never been done, taken place
3. Pity or compassion

Master’s Tip to Learn Rue

Best way to remember word rue is to associate word with ruin. Rue sounds like ruin which means situation of devastation .When you ruin your life you lament & regret it.

Sentence examples for Rue

1. He rued the fact that he had offended his parents.
2. You will “rue the day” if you don’t listen to me.
3. I rue the loss of opportunities given by company

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