Picture for sageThe word sage is used for something or someone wise and judicious. It could be an advice of your friend or a person having deep knowledge in the spiritual and philosophical field. Generally, the term is used for a wise person. Today, the domain of this word has expanded is also used for people having insight in a particular field. A sage in the investment field could you provide with the best possible ways of market investment.

Pronunciation: seyj

Meanings of sage

1. a mentor in spiritual or philosophical purposes
2. someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment and experience.
3. Exhibiting wisdom and calm judgment
4.a cosmopolitan herb

Sentence examples for sage:

1. In the words of some wise old sage – ” prevention is better than cure ” .
2. Mathematics was far advanced then, that is why ancient Indian sages fixed the rate of precession of equinoxes accurately.
3. Sage oil turned in significantly better test results than subjects that took placebo.

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