picture vocabulary for sallyIf you think sally is a girl or even a name of a girl, then you are definitely wrong. But, the reference of a girl can be a good way to remember the word. It is a Noun and is also used as a verb. When you sally forth, you display outburst of energy and set out in a sudden manner.

Its first usage dates back to 1560. It originates from a French word saillir, which means to rush forward and from a Latin word salire, which means to leap.

Pronunciation: sal-ee

Meanings of Sally
As a Noun
1) A raid of troops from a inundated place upon an enemy.
2) A sudden activity
3) A trip usually off the beaten path
4) An outburst of feelings
5) A witty remark

As a Verb
1) To go for a trip
2) To set out energetically

Master tip to learn sally
Now, you know that sally has various meanings. However, it still can be learnt easily by associating it with your favourite woman after you have named her sally. All the meanings should come back rushing to you now. We said above that when you sally, you display outburst of energy and set out in a sudden manner. So simply remember the situation when you sallied for your love or for that matter your crush or even the girl you in the subway and you simply had to chase her.

P.s.: we strongly oppose eve-teasing, we simply recommend pleasant appreciation of female qualities.

Sally can be used in following ways:
As a Noun:
1) We are used to his sally of workout.
2) You should sally to mall more often.
3) His sally of happiness was surprising.
4) His sally was so full of sarcasm that no one could say anything.
5) Sally made by the soldiers against the insurgents was very successful.
6) Her sallies were dripping with sarcasm. (plural)

As a verb:
1) He sallied out to mall in the evening.
2) She sallied out of the room (set out energetically) in anger.

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