Picture for SanctionThe word sanction is a noun and it refers to the final act of authorization or official permission.
It was first used around 1560 and has been from the Latin word sanctio.

Pronunciation: sangk-shuhn

Meanings of Sanction

1. Something, which serves to support, authorize, or confirm an action, procedure, etc.
2. The action of rendering legally authoritative or binding.
3. A penalty, specified or in the form of moral pressure.

Master’s Tip to Learn Sanction

Sanction sounds close to the word ‘action’. After sanction or permission from the concerned authority for something the next step is that of action. Therefore, this can be used to relate to the word sanction.

Sentence examples for Sanction:

1. They were ecstatic when their proposal was finally sanctioned.
2. The country acted without the sanction of the other nations.
3. Their policy has legal sanction.

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