Picture for sanctuaryThe word sanctuary has religious roots and is used to refer to the holiest of holy places. But it’s use has broadened to include any place where go for peace and tranquility or for introspection. Someone would refer to their house as a sanctuary or someone’s pickup truck could be their sanctuary for them. Generally, the term is used to refer to some holy place, such as a temple or a church.

Pronunciation: sangk-choo-er-ee

Meanings of sanctuary

1. a sacred place, such as a temple, mosque or church
2. Every year, he goes to the monastery, which he considers is a sanctuary for him.
3. A reserved area in which birds and animals are protected from hunting or molestation.
4. a place of refuge or asylum

Sentence examples for : sanctuary

1. The forbidding jungle offered sanctuary to the guerilla rebels.
2. There is always a risk that a student may prove incompatible with their placement.
3. The church provided him sanctuary.

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