Picture for schismAccording to the cultural definition, the break in unity of the church is called schism for example, the break in Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church.

Pronunciation: siz-uhm, skiz-

Meanings of Schism

1. Division into mutually opposite parties
2. The parties so formed
3. A division within a church

Master’s tip to learnSchism:

The word schism rhymes with the prism. A prism is a device that “splits” light into various colors due to the scientific principle of refraction. The meaning of schism is on the similar lines. It means causing division in various organizations.

Sentences examples for Schism:

1. A schism in their company led them to bankruptcy
2. The American civil war resulted from the schism between north and south.
3. The dispute concerning the finances of the wedding led to a schism between the families.
4. Schism in communities usually leads to the failure of the communities.

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