Picture for scionWho is a scion? Scion is that lucky guy that most of us are not: descendants who inherit hell lot of money and inheritances from their fathers and forefathers and well-wishers. In simple words, he is the heir to the estate, that lucky guy who gets it all when someone pops off.

Pronunciation- sahy-uh n

Meanings of scion-

1. A descendant.
2. A shoot or twig, especially one cut for grafting or planting

Master’s tip for Learning Scion-

Just remember that guy that was always there in your school or college who had it all even before putting in his first hour of honest work: he was a scion.

Usage Examples for Scion-

1. George struts about the college just because he is the scion of the Founder.
2. A newly grafted scion of bougainvillea will flower only if its tended to with care.
3. Hercules was capable of great feats not only because he was the scion of Zeus but also a strong human being.

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